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EO: Oh, yΣah surΣ¡¡ Just go ahΣad and lΣavΣ likΣ that¡¡
EO: By thΣ way, thanks for lΣtting mΣ know about this gamΣ¡¡
EO: RΣALLY apprΣciatΣ it¡¡ GoodbyΣ¡¡
EO: Okay, okay.
EO: I know this is vΣry suddΣn and that most of you don't rΣally spΣak to mΣ all that much... And probably don't want to, for that mattΣr.
EO: ThΣrΣ's a lot I could say to try and sΣll my casΣ, that I'm good and trustworthy bΣcausΣ wΣ sharΣ thΣ samΣ vaguΣ group tiΣs, but that's not important right now.
EO: What you nΣΣd to know is that I'm hΣrΣ to givΣ you somΣ information.
EO: You'vΣ gottΣn plΣnty of that alrΣady, about thΣ gΣnΣral workings of thΣ gamΣ and such.
EO: And that's grΣat and all, I'm surΣ it's bΣΣn hΣlpful¡¡ But thΣrΣ's a part of this puzzlΣ that's hiddΣn away, just out of sight.
EO: OnΣ that I'm prΣtty surΣ you'rΣ all going to nΣΣd.
EO: Alright¡¡ This might sound sort of skΣtchy, but...
EO: You'rΣ just going to havΣ to roll with it¡¡
EO: For thosΣ of you unawarΣ, hΣrΣ's thΣ skinny:
EO: My namΣ is ΣllsΣΣ and I havΣ had this big, important book fillΣd with anciΣnt knowlΣdgΣ for as long as I can rΣmΣmbΣr. It's covΣrΣd pagΣ to pagΣ with all sorts of arcanΣ information.
EO: Most of it is dirΣctΣd at mΣ spΣcifically, and it's mΣant a lot to mΣ growing up, in morΣ ways than I can count.
EO: But what mattΣrs is that onΣ of thΣ sΣctions hΣrΣ has a fΣw hints that arΣ supposΣd to hΣlp you guys ΣntΣr ThΣ GamΣ¡¡
EO: So, if thΣrΣ arΣ no objΣctions... I think it'd bΣ in our bΣst collΣctivΣ intΣrΣst to gΣt this show in full swing.

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GS: Oh, please.
GS: What relevant information could you possibly have that Turkin did not already relay to us in his own memo?
GS: At least when it comes to him I am well aware of the credit his information holds, as distasteful of a source as he may be.
GS: But magical books, esoteric wisdom and claims with no traceable sources? How ridiculous. Quaint, even.
GS: Perhaps I should have followed in his footsteps and made an early retreat myself.
GS: I'll give you a few points for being self-aware enough to realize that this sudden advance appears unorthodox at best, from an outside perspective.
GS: But that is about all I can say.
GS: If I were you, I would stop talking before I embarrassed myself further.
GS: We have everything we need without your "assistance".
EO: YΣah, I'm prΣtty surΣ you don't¡¡ MaybΣ you should hΣar mΣ out and lΣt mΣ finish bΣforΣ you start bΣing a chauvinistic jΣrk about it. =:/
GS: And I'm pretty sure I just told you to be quiet.

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FF: h
FF: a a aaaaaaaa no
FF: i d didnt m mean to s send that
FF: f forget i s said anything
EO: No, wait¡¡ PlΣasΣ don't go¡¡ This is important for you, too¡¡
FF: y you dont even know my n name or w w who i am
FF: t theres n n nothing for me h here
EO: HΣy, you didn't know my namΣ until now ΣithΣr, probably¡¡ That's somΣthing wΣ could connΣct ovΣr¡¡
FF: step o off
FF: f f forget it
FF: bye

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FF: i h hit the w wrong button
FF: d dont say anything

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GS: GS: Well, you have certainly sold me on your ability to commandeer this exchange.
GS: I am being facetious, of course.
GS: Do let me know whenever you learn how to construct an argument properly.

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WA: Hey-
EO: Laivan¡¡
EO: Thank goodnΣss. Now thΣrΣ's somΣonΣ agrΣΣablΣ¡¡ =:)
WA: Oh, yeah- Super agreeable- Twelve hundred percent-
WA: But uh- You said you've got some hints-?
WA: I think I could use those right about now-
WA: We're a little stuck-
WA: Don't tell Taz I said that, though-
EO: Stuck with what¿¿
WA: Those extra personal codes-
WA: Taz has no idea where they are-
WA: She kind of tore her hive apart looking for them-
WA: Punching down walls- and stuff-
WA: I have to admit- it was kind of a whole spectacle-
EO: That honΣstly sounds tΣrriblΣ and horrifying but whatΣvΣr you say.
EO: GuΣss I camΣ just in timΣ thΣn, huh¿¿
WA: Yeah- guess so-
EO: Okay, wΣll...
EO: I don't rΣally havΣ a dirΣct answΣr.
EO: I'vΣ got a sΣriΣs of short riddlΣs that arΣ probably rΣlatΣd to thΣ actual locations, though I couldn't tΣll you what thΣy arΣ on my own.
EO: PrΣtty surΣ thΣy'rΣ listΣd in thΣ Σntry ordΣr Murrit gavΣ, so it should bΣ Σasy to figurΣ out which onΣ appliΣs to whom.
EO: WΣ'vΣ got:
EO: "ΣxcΣptΣd", "linΣ it up", "walls", "through thΣ static", "whΣrΣ thΣ barrΣn mΣΣts thΣ bloom", "a placΣ of fading color", "thΣ sign of thΣ Σnd", "a sistΣr documΣnt", "a guiding light", "apparition" and "thΣ darkΣnΣd floor".
EO: I'm not rΣally surΣ whΣrΣ to start...
EO: It's all I havΣ so far, though.

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PD: so you have a kinda sorta type of players guide??? (|:o
PD: some of you guys get real lucky huh!
PD: i know i am also included in that lucky streak usually but man
PD: im still trying to puzzle this out only to the slightest of avails
PD: really im surprised that we are chugging ahead all in all
PD: because i sure know squat on the subject even with the aid
PD: as such i thusly reaffirm your suspicion that we super needed this
PD: and i will also go ahead and doubly reaffirm the notion that we need more of these true facts if youve got them handy!!!
PD: with my keen mind i am sensing that we are probably going to have to think outside the box for these things???
PD: so the only way to get these true facts is if we hold true to the sensibilities that are true enough to see this process through
PD: truly
WA: I have a true fact for you-
PD: finally!!
PD: please feed me the truest of truths
WA: You're so weird-
WA: And you say weird things-
WA: Like a lot-
PD: what!!!
PD: that is a lie!!! i reject your truth!!!
PD: everyone i have ever met has told me that im cool and the best!!! fuck off!!!

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PO: ~Alrigh+, +ha+'s ENOUGH of +ha+.~
PO: ~S+op i+, ALL OF YOU.~
WA: Uh oh-
WA: We've been spotted-
WA: I thought I could gauge the danger meter by the chittering-
WA: I was wrong-
PO: ~Laivan, you're supposed +o be HELPING me figure +his shi+ ou+, no+ ban+ering wi+h your ma+espri+!~
PO: ~we do no+ NEED help and we do no+ WAN+ help.~
PO: ~ESPECIALLY no+ from you, Ellsee.~
EO: =>:0