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Hey folks, over the past few weeks (pretty much since the Dead Shufflers: Anything Goes album released), we've been meticulously working on improvements to how we cite and credit everyone who has contributed to Vast Error in some way, shape, or form. This week, we have revamped the Vast Error Credits page as well as created a Contributors article on the Wiki.

The Vast Error Credits page includes a list of any contributions that have been done for and used in the comic proper. This includes guest art assets, animation, flash music, etc. You can find that page at

Meanwhile, the Contributors article serves as an absolutely massive list for every single contributor and any and all content related to the series that they have contributed. You can find that page at

Give these a look! This comic has received a tremendous outpouring of contributions from the fanbase and it's only growing. It has been a very humbling experience to see that 100+ individuals have helped make the series of Vast Error as awesome as it is today.

And on a final note, we want to ensure that everyone who has contributed to this comic is credited accordingly. As is the nature of the internet, people change their preferred display names. Since there is almost 4 years' worth of content that has been credited, there are almost definitely duplicate users whose credits should be merged. If that happens to be you, then send an email to with those display names and which display name you'd prefer as your primary and it will be corrected properly. (Alternatively, you could also edit the Wiki page yourself. the Vast Error Wiki is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.)

'Dead Shufflers: Anything Goes' has now been released! Just in time for three month anniversary of I2S1.

Sixteen new tracks by the VEMT all about your favorite repetitious white-collar criminals along with those who they associate around or influence. Which way does that influence go? That is up for you to decide.

Me and Heather also featured on our good friend NezumiVA's Vast Error video essay that released recently! She did a great job at introducing and describing the material. We're interviewed by her at around the halfway point, where we answer questions about our process and also I talk about my Bart Chalice. Need to know information.

If you've been keeping up on our social media, you'll know we're in the middle of a break at the moment. I2S1 was fun but it was a lot of hard work at a brisk pace, we all need a bit of R&R.

I2S2 starts in June! Look forward to it.


Happy reverse 3/22 everyone. The only 3/22 that asks the question: "what does it mean to be the opposite of who you really are?"

We're going to be doing something a little more familiar for a while. Familiar if you've read Homestuck anyways. Have you read that? People tell me our comics look similar but I don't buy it.

This first "side" of the intermission is going to be dependent on a key factor: YOU! Every update from this point on will be reliant on reader commands to keep forward momentum. There are no wrong answers and there are no limits outside of your imagination. To quote an ancient proverb from the 1930's: anything goes.

Our schedule is going to be a pretty different for this intermission too. We'll see how well it sticks, but the plan is to update with new pages every 1-3 days consistently for somewhere around a month or two. Chocking each one full with smaller, low effort but high quality content just like the good ol' days. The overwhelming nostalgia certainly smells sweet, doesn't it? Try not to pass out, the only smelling salts I have are pixie sticks.

The next VEMT album is in the works as well! Surprise surprise, it is also Dead Shufflers themed. I'm hoping we can get it out on regular 3/22 along with quite a few other goodies, but that depends on "circumstances". So to be safe, you better check the DCRC Spotify for new playlists and tweaks until it drops. Just in case.


Are you tired of not being able to put the VE cast on your body and or in your home in a non-symbolic manner? Well do I have news in this post for you!

We have two new designs up on our Redbubble! Based off of the events of '[S] Arcjec: Enter' and '[S] Ellsee: Enter' respectively. Along with this big all cast print, in case you don't have the heart or mental capacity to be choosy.

These were done by none other than Xamag, who is always making VE content at all times. With some extra coloring assistance by still notable VE helper, eddieDraws. We'd really like these to sell well, and so far there has been a decent turn out! We do have for other prints and shirt designs in the future, so please look forward to that happening in very irregular intervals!

Also, there are only TWO Repiton cassettes left on the DCRC Etsy, so if you want one, you better act fast! But if the demand is high enough and enough fans ask, we may very well consider making more in the future!

It feels good to be back.

Updates with Post-EOA2 content will resume this upcoming weekend, followed by the start of Intermission 2 somewhere between 12/18 - 1/1 assuming all goes well. In the meantime, please check out SOUND TEST I, the first collection of unfinished and unreleased VEMT material.

We also have physical signed cassette tapes of REPITON by pragmaticNihilist (who also did 'Pandora', the song used in [S] Ellsee: Enter!). The tapes were made by Prumm and are up for sale on the new DCRC ETSY STORE. It's a limited supply and they've been selling rather quickly, so try and snag one of the remaining tapes while you can! But obviously, you can listen and download the album for free through our Bandcamp as well.

Thank you all so much for your patience, the response to the last update has been overwhelmingly phenominal in the blood red sea of love it/hate it metrics that VE somehow always remains afloat in.

Act 2 is finally over. Your honeymoon period with this comic has now officially ended.

The show is really about to begin.