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On this fine Monday, I'd like to proudly announce the plans for Vast Error's 13th anniversary! God, this project is as old as me and Heather were when we started making it. Isn't that terrifying?

This year we'll be hosting a 24 HOUR LIVESTREAM on the DCRC Twitch channel, not only to celebrate the occasion, but also to receive active donations in support of two Palestinian relief efforts: E-SIMS FOR GAZA and CARE FOR GAZA.

All proceeds earned during the event will go to the charities mentioned above. Our base goal is to fundraise at least $6,000 USD in aid, which sounds like a lot for a webcomic hosting site whose main export is, for all intents and purposes, a fan project. But there's one thing we've learned after doing this gig for so long: ambition and effort can go a long way if you know where to direct them.

And we don't intend to just stream. No, that's too easy. We also have several guests who will be joining us throughout the day, along with special events and incentives that will either happen on stream or coordinated afterwards as a direct result of your donations, with stretch goals that go up to $10,000 USD. This includes PREVIEWS, RAFFLES, MERCH REVEALS, PANEL REDRAWS, MUSIC PREVIEWS, MESSAGES FROM BEYOND, and MORE!

We'll be posting more about the event in the coming days leading up to its start. It would be great if you all did the same!

Let's make this the best birthday we've had yet by shattering those numbers and fighting for a better world.

Quickly announcing that if you haven't had the chance, today is your last day to pick up the pinnacle of licensed crossover products at the end of your Corporate Mandated Soulmate Appreciation Wice. After this? Who knows if it will ever be able to see another release? These probabilities never last long.

Also I'd like to welcome some new artists to our ranks! Divo, Karma, and a secret, insidious third person who haunts the shadows. These people know their way around a troll or two, mostly because they've all been drawing ours for a while. Two of them have actually done track art before on Volume 5! Wow!

Anyway, next time you hear from me in your favorite news box will be right before 3/22. This year we're doing something radically different than our usual batch of drops and sneak previews. It's something I'm extremely accustomed to doing on a regular basis, but not in this particular context. Let's just say it'll be a day worth celebrating. Am I winking at you knowingly or is my eye twitching like a freak? Whatever makes you happiest is the right answer. ;)

I want to also finally get my shout outs from a couple posts ago out of the way. I've got ominous phones to answer, so I'll make this quick:

Read Sburb.EXE (spooky). Read Crossmound (trollsy). Play the Burning Down The House Walkaround (which I helped write for). Play Higurashi (and mod the hell out of it). And support Beyond Canon (even though I already mentioned it in the last post).

Since the dawn of man, humans have consistently gotten results by smashing two things together: sticks and stones, peanut butter and jelly, cars and rising death rates. Today, we'd like to announce the new ingenious merger of ideas that nobody could have ever guessed would actually happen...  HOMESTUCK AND DECONRECONSTRUCTION.

That's right! Deconreconstruction is now partnered with the Homestuck Independent Creative Union and Homestuck Inc. as an officially licensed fan comic! I'm sure there are a lot of questions about the logistics, so allow me to give you the scoop.


Andrew Hussie approached us and offered a free license to work with the IP. No royalties owed, no ties to What Pumpkin, VIZ Media, or any other corporate interest, and no outside influence from higher ups at the Homestuck Factory. (NOTE: The Homestuck Factory doesn't exist. That was a joke.)

Basically, he said: "You guys do good work, keep doing that." And then handed us the keys to our own little pocket of house-bound freedom.


The HICU is an union of creative contributors which was established to consolidate members of future Homestuck projects, they make Homestuck: Beyond Canon and have been given a license just like ours. Stuck At Home Con has also been recently licensed in the same manner, and now, Vast Error is a part of this ever expanding network.

Having this license effectively gives us free reign to work within the full Homestuck universe and monetize ourselves in full to compensate for our efforts, as well as collaborate on new ideas with the other members involved.


Nope! As far as creative direction and narrative plans go, the comic and its spin-offs will be unaffected. Vast Error will remain completely segregated within its own mythos. Homestuck's influence on it is purely inspirational, after all. Except for the times where it isn't. Maybe Intermission 2 Side 1 can be slightly more quasi-canon now, if you believe hard enough.

More than anything else, this opens up the floodgates for the viable creation of a ton of merchandising and other creative opportunities, without threat of a cease and desist!

Where that takes us is anyone's guess. But isn't the endless uncertainty a little exciting?

We're all looking forward to making the best out of this incredible situation! Vast Error is going to be thirteen years old from concept to current update in the next couple months, and I don't think anyone on the team could be happier with how everything has turned out over time. There are so many exceptional, hard working, passionate writers, artists, musicians and programmers who have spent countless hours keeping this project chugging along at top quality for the past several years.

I feel this is the culmination of all that effort.

Thank you so much for supporting us and reading Vast Error, whether you're an oldhead or have just started reading today. We look forward to sharing so much more with you.

Homestuck. Deconreconstruction. Brothers. Check-out.


Another year of Deconreconstructions gone by. Did you enjoy your Hollownull? How about Yulepassing? Great, great. Let's talk about me!

Burning the midnight oil writing these posts always leads me to ponder the same question I ask myself when I see the sun has risen and I'm still in my underwear: where does all our time go? This spin around the sun, I'd say it was mostly towards PERSONAL BUSINESS.

If 2022 was our breather year after a hectic 2020 and 2021, then 2023 was real life's landlord calling us up and telling us that we've still got rent due. Which was very literal in my case, as I spent a good portion of the second half of this year preparing to move, and another helping actually doing it. Not to mention everyone on the team (myself included) having big trips, illness, wage and educational priorities, and other issues that needed to get sorted before we got back to corralling gaggles of gray freaks. So let's stop wasting all these precious minutes and talk about how we did, how we're doing, and what's on the horizon!

VAST ERROR- In 2023 we put out 157 pages, two of which being animations. You can chalk up that smaller page count to all of the capital B BUSINESS I was referring to above.

Narratively, we're still going to be in the scene selection for a while. Post-Incursion wound up becoming longer, both in page count and production time, than intended. We had to get creative in a few places to get it where it currently is, but I'm happy with the results! After the last scenes are completed though, it sounds shocking, but we'll officially be done with the comic's setup phase. From there? Vast Error shifts into high gear. So much of A3A1 after this is BOOM! BIG REVEAL! BOOM! PLOTS CONNECTED! BOOM! HIGH STAKES! Honestly, I'd cherish these quieter moments if I were you.

SNOWBOUND BLOOD- Work on the SNOWBOUND BLOOD EPILOGUE is coming along steadily! There's a decent portion of writing done, along with some assets and music. Part of the reason it's taken longer than anticipated though is because we've decided to use it as an excuse to do a final pass over the entire game. Cleaning up the code, doing some editing and making changes to various routes here and there, really making it the complete package.

As for the epilogue itself? Let's just say that none of you know what's about to happen. (--)

WALKAROUND- The A3A1 WALKAROUND will be gearing up for full time production soon! We've had to transition from Unity to Godot because of the former's class act decision to shoot themself in the foot, but it's been a smooth switch with no real progress loss. We've started preliminaries on more overworld and talksprite work, but a bulk of the time is going to creating a design document so that we can plug and play all of the necessary dialogue, puzzle and combat systems. Once that's prepped? The ball won't stop rolling. Have a Dude, to keep yourself cool.

MUSIC- If you haven't checked it out already, Rainy released an album a few months back called Fighting Further! You can find it on our Bandcamp and on DCRC Music as usual.

It's a high energy, main 12 focused strife album that takes popular video game sounds and puts the old VEMT spin on them! It's also home to the longest song we've released to date. A real feat to behold. We've got great projects lined up for 2024 too! Will it be another solo? An EP or two? Maybe even the fabled VOLUME 6? That's between me and the record company. Which I own, and do not produce records for.

There's also FOUR BRAND NEW PLAYLISTS on the DCRC Spotify! These were supposed to all come out through 2023, but we couldn't get any of them out on schedule, so we bundled them up and put them all out at once to ring in the new year!

OTHER VE PROJECTS- We've been doing some internal conversations and decided that, while not for lack of trying or interest, it would be for the best that WARTORN TRAILS and RERUNS are shelved as they were originally planned. The major content we had for them will be restructured and siphoned back into Vast Error. We really wanted to make it work! But in hindsight, the writing was on the wall for a while. We bit off more than we could chew, and those announcements were made out of ambitious excitement rather than rational thought. We really do believe that this choice is in the best interest for our readers and the comic's development overall.

HOWEVER, we still intend on doing more side content for Vast Error from time to time. I think we've come up with a fantastic compromise, and we look forward to showcasing it in the future. Until then, we appreciate your patience and I'm sorry about the disappointing news.

DCRC's FUTURE- Version 2 of the website is still a good ways away. There's a lot that needs to be managed in order to turn this place from "The Home Of Vast Error" to "Independent Multimedia Hub", but we've already begun working out several solutions to long standing issues and have big plans for the front AND back ends. You won't even recognize the place once it's done.

I'd also like to self-indulgently take just a little time to formally announce that I'm hard at work planning out my own new, completely original IP for the website. You won't be seeing it in any official capacity beyond a tease here or there until Vast Error wraps, but it's something I'm very passionate about. My goal for the DCRC projects I helm is always to make something that pushes the boundaries of multimedia storytelling in new ways, and this scratches that itch for me.

I was going to include this whole final section where I add in a bunch of thanks and media recommendations, but I think I'm going to have to save it for its own separate newspost. For now? Have a happy belated new year! We'll be keeping in touch.

Hello netizens! :) It's a newspost from yours truly! Really working my way up from shitposts, what a special time to be alive...

But you know what else is a special time? Black Friday! Stay seated, there's no need to dart out of your hives and get trampled. There's plenty of deals for you right here in the comfort of wherever it is you're sitting.

For starters, the Secondary Cast Charms have just gone up for pre-order! Get while the getting is good, just don't put Edolon on a Christmas tree (or do, I can't tell you how to live your life). Those of you who were asking about the original 12 Holders Charms aren't out of luck either, though their price will be raised to $15 after the current stock goes out, so make sure to act fast!

Rejoice...and be JOLLY!