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Happy reverse 3/22 everyone. The only 3/22 that asks the question: "what does it mean to be the opposite of who you really are?"

We're going to be doing something a little more familiar for a while. Familiar if you've read Homestuck anyways. Have you read that? People tell me our comics look similar but I don't buy it.

This first "side" of the intermission is going to be dependent on a key factor: YOU! Every update from this point on will be reliant on reader commands to keep forward momentum. There are no wrong answers and there are no limits outside of your imagination. To quote an ancient proverb from the 1930's: anything goes.

Our schedule is going to be a pretty different for this intermission too. We'll see how well it sticks, but the plan is to update with new pages every 1-3 days consistently for somewhere around a month or two. Chocking each one full with smaller, low effort but high quality content just like the good ol' days. The overwhelming nostalgia certainly smells sweet, doesn't it? Try not to pass out, the only smelling salts I have are pixie sticks.

The next VEMT album is in the works as well! Surprise surprise, it is also Dead Shufflers themed. I'm hoping we can get it out on regular 3/22 along with quite a few other goodies, but that depends on "circumstances". So to be safe, you better check the DCRC Spotify for new playlists and tweaks until it drops. Just in case.


Are you tired of not being able to put the VE cast on your body and or in your home in a non-symbolic manner? Well do I have news in this post for you!

We have two new designs up on our Redbubble! Based off of the events of '[S] Arcjec: Enter' and '[S] Ellsee: Enter' respectively. Along with this big all cast print, in case you don't have the heart or mental capacity to be choosy.

These were done by none other than Xamag, who is always making VE content at all times. With some extra coloring assistance by still notable VE helper, eddieDraws. We'd really like these to sell well, and so far there has been a decent turn out! We do have for other prints and shirt designs in the future, so please look forward to that happening in very irregular intervals!

Also, there are only TWO Repiton cassettes left on the DCRC Etsy, so if you want one, you better act fast! But if the demand is high enough and enough fans ask, we may very well consider making more in the future!

It feels good to be back.

Updates with Post-EOA2 content will resume this upcoming weekend, followed by the start of Intermission 2 somewhere between 12/18 - 1/1 assuming all goes well. In the meantime, please check out SOUND TEST I, the first collection of unfinished and unreleased VEMT material.

We also have physical signed cassette tapes of REPITON by pragmaticNihilist (who also did 'Pandora', the song used in [S] Ellsee: Enter!). The tapes were made by Prumm and are up for sale on the new DCRC ETSY STORE. It's a limited supply and they've been selling rather quickly, so try and snag one of the remaining tapes while you can! But obviously, you can listen and download the album for free through our Bandcamp as well.

Thank you all so much for your patience, the response to the last update has been overwhelmingly phenominal in the blood red sea of love it/hate it metrics that VE somehow always remains afloat in.

Act 2 is finally over. Your honeymoon period with this comic has now officially ended.

The show is really about to begin.

I told you guys we would be giving you guys EOA2 soon, so let's fulfill that deal real quick.

See that painfully low number that's probably making you quiver and turn your tear ducts into the next Great Flood? The one that's currently at 25% if you're reading this the moment that this post has been made and not the future? Don't worry too much about that.

That percentage is only the amount of finished animation we currently have. As in all assets, firmly placed within the dying pack mule known as Adobe Flash and made to move around like a precarious pot of lit dynamite at the top of the stack. We have assets for about halfway through the flash. Our plan was to have month long periods in order to properly space the flash out and not kill ourselves in the process. This will be utilized moreso in later EOA's, which will undoubtedly be even longer. Through September, we're going to be working on assets for the second half of the flash and then use October as our buffer month to get all of the extra assets from guest artists and such on deck while finishing up animation proper.

The idea is still to release on Halloween, and we are more or less on schedule. At worst, it'll be a few days late. Sadly, not everything can meet a funny number deadline. That's the cold hard truth of the world we live in these days. But we'll try. For the babies of this world. Much like myself.

IN THE MEANTIME... I highly suggest playing through what's currently available of SNOWBOUND BLOOD if you haven't. That game hasn't stopped being important and it's only going to get more important from here. There is no better time. Also if you need a reread, or just a read in general? I also highly suggest that. Because personally? I believe this comic is good.

Watch the numbers, and see you soon.

Remember when I announced a new album for June? And then I said it would be released on July 4th? And then at the end of July? Well, it's well past all of those dates but regardless, there is an album. Even when you think there isn't, there's always an album.

Catch 322, the newest collaborative effort from the VEMT has been released. This album features many tracks that will be used in relatively upcoming flashes and walkarounds, definitely one to keep an eye on.

We also have one other musically inclined announcement to make: the Official DCRC Spotify.

This was a collaborative effort between me and notable VE helper, dudadippe. Along with some great and very appropriately themed playlist cover edits by Pesty.

Fourteen playlists in all, one general, one for White Noise, and twelve others for every main troll. We plan on creating more playlists and adding to existing ones over time, giving the entire fanbase even more excuse to make those lyric centric art pieces. Really that's what this is all about, manipulating all of you to make us the fabled "lyricstucks" we so desperately crave. Make us a "lyricstuck" and a video in Windows Movie Maker and we will most certainly cry tears of cathartic joy.

More news on EOA2 sooner rather than later, stay tuned.