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SA: (i’m really sorry to interrupt further, but...)
SA: (cross referencing the order MURRIT mentioned, i may have some insight into at least what I am assuming to be my own clue)
SA: (though i suppose it won’t be needed for a while... i just thought maybe it would help everyone else have more of an idea of what they might be looking for)
SA: (ELLSEE, you said you got this out of some old book given to you, right?)

EO: YΣah, I do¿¿
SA: (well i have some things of my own)
SA: (these old scrolls that i acquired some time ago...)
SA: (most of which i cannot read but it might be possible that one of them is the sister document spoken of)
SA: (i have been getting ALBION to translate them but she is... incapacitated for the moment i believe)

PD: oh hey i didn't expect to see you in here!! we havent spoken in a good long while! (|:’S
PD: i know this might come off bad to you, so just bear with me here
PD: but i’m actually really excited to play this game just so we have the chance to catch up a bit
PD: it feels like ages have gone by since the cottage project

SA: (hello again!! ovo)
SA: (it has been a while, i’m sorry for not doing a better job with keeping in touch over time)
SA: (there has just been so much learning for me to do...)
SA: (i am glad for the opportunity to speak more with you again, but i can’t say i’m feeling very excited about this game)
SA: (it’s all rather frightening really)
SA: (i sort of can't stand it...)

WA: Yeah-
WA: We get you-
WA: Don’t worry- we won’t let anything happen to you-
WA: I saved you once-
WA: I’m sure I can do it again-

SA: (aw...)
SA: (you two are way too nice for my own good uvu)

PO: ~if you bunch of sapsuckers don’+ can +he schmul+z i am going +o vomi+ on +he ground~
PO: ~i+ will be incomprehensible how much vomi+ +here ac+ually is on +he ground~
PO: ~i will barf ou+ every las+ organ i have lying inside me~

EO: Can you takΣ a momΣnt to actually calm thΣ fuck down¿¿
EO: ThΣrΣ arΣ morΣ pΣoplΣ hΣrΣ who want to know whats going on.
EO: You alrΣady havΣ an idΣa of what is happΣning, I only addΣd you in hΣrΣ to try and considΣr thΣ fact that you would want to bΣ hΣlpΣd.
EO: How Σvil and sΣlfish of mΣ. =>:(

PO: ~i+ isn’+ abou+ +ha+ and i+ isn’+ abou+ YOU ei+her~
PO: ~you’re personally causing an issue by confusing unneeded knowledge wi+h help~
PO: ~bu+ +his en+ire league of uncoordina+ed miscrean+s is +he issue a+ large~
PO: ~and you along wi+h EVERYONE else are +he prime pieces of work +ha+ damage +he group by +rying +o make +hings be++er when you only make +hings harder for us all +o comprehend~
PO: ~you people all disgus+ me wi+h how none of you CONSIDER +HE CIRCUMS+ANCES~
PO: ~+his isn’+ a momen+ for you +o be happy or ban+er wi+hou+ aim~
PO: ~you should be preparing~
PO: ~and you should FEAR wha+’s coming~
PO: ~because I do~

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WA: Shit-
WA: Sorry guys-
WA: Duty calls-
WA: I’ll check in later-
WA: Keep safe-

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