METATRON: i’m a consistent figure within the medium.
METATRON: when everyone is all squared away at their first checkpoint, they will have all met me.
METATRON: i arrive upon marking of the first safe zone, which you are in currently.
METATRON: i’m duplicated across the entire session, but it’s more like they are all separate pieces of me obtaining the exact same information.
METATRON: it all pools in the same place.
METATRON: so you can all benefit from my services simultaneously and similarly.
METATRON: it goes beyond simply information though, i’m also the sole provider of many of the systems within this space.
METATRON: now that you have earned those services, many of the functions within your UI will now be designated as my role.
METATRON: most specifically the roles of time and resource management, collection and craft formation.
METATRON: there are many of these spots scattered across your land and that is when you will be able to connect with me and sell or spend your hard earned resources and dinero on various recipes that allow you to form any object you see fit for your desired outcome.
METATRON: speaking of, here is your second checkpoint gift.