METATRON: when i say this game is mine, i don’t exactly mean literally.
METATRON: it is the truth, but i only state it in a manner of me being a facilitator of sorts.
METATRON: in all actuality the game is really yours and always has been.

ARCJEC: XDXD Don’t try to pin this on me. XDXD
METATRON: it’s all semantics, arcjec.
METATRON: you aren’t looking at the big picture yet.
METATRON: that’s what i’m here for!
METATRON: i’m also here for direct communication, storage and assistance.
METATRON: we’re meant to relate and work together towards an ultimate goal.
METATRON: one personal and one general, both being equally important in scope.

ARCJEC: XDXD Do you know the skeleton guy? XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD The guy who lives in a neverending void of weird noise. XDXD

METATRON: white noise.
ARCJEC: XDXD It’s plagued me for a long time and every bit of new information I get is another tattered shred from his ripped up calling card. XDXD
ARCJEC: XDXD It permeates this entire mess and you have to be connected to whatever plot he’s concocting. XDXD

METATRON: have you considered chalking up these experiences to coincidences?
ARCJEC: XDXD I’ve chalked them up to a warped path of perceived visions and prophecy, scribbled heinously across the current big picture model you’ve provided. XDXD
METATRON: you have such a colorful vocabulary for being sent to such a drab place, it fascinates me to no end.
METATRON: but i’m sorry to tell you that i’m simply doing my job.
METATRON: which is telling you how to do your job.
METATRON: you are right, though, in that there are visions and prophecy abound in this place.
METATRON: my entire foundation is built upon such a matter.

ARCJEC: XDXD I thought you found no pride in crypticism? XDXD
METATRON: well, when you say it like that i guess i just have to tell you.