Jentha: Admire Furby collection.

What you have in here isn’t even half of what you’ve managed to acquire.

A lot can be said on what exactly FURBIES mean to you. Perhaps it's because you can relate to their tragic backstory of being created only to be ridiculed and feared, thus leading to the original prototypes learning resentment of these concepts and causing them to murder the very trolls who created them, making an entire creative division of Corporate to go under due to the backlash.

It could also be because it is very easy to find these poor creatures dismantled, warped or skinned from heated protest of the incident. Corporate proceeded to sell the toys anyways with the promise that they had been dumbed down, something the public did not take well. Many took to the strongholds and bought them out simply to destroy them, without even making a vague attempt to understand why the incident happened in the first place. So you try to make the attempt of understanding them where no one else will.

Or it could just be because you find them cute and enjoy teaching them to say things like “give me my grubby juice”.

Yeah, that’s probably it.