Enter name.

Your name is JENTHA BRIATI.

You hold a vested and genuine interest in CULTURAL ODDITIES, specifically those that inspire childhood wonder. Your hive has become a nursery for LOST TOYS and knick knacks deemed by your society to be visually unwelcome or physically unsafe. You find comfort in the fact that you can teach and take care of these horrible little monstrosities that you hold so dearly because you are UNABLE TO HELP YOURSELF.

Those of your blood caste are well known for having rare and outlandish physical attributes passed down that make yellow survival abilities some of the most incredibly potent of the lower bloods. However, for reasons unknown you were gifted with NOTHING. And with a situation that has left you without a caretaker, you live a STRESSFUL and DEFENSELESS life holed up within your hive. You can’t remember the last time you saw the outside world unless something from it was brought to you.

All of your nights spent scared and alone have left you in tune with your various other INTERESTS, however. You are an ABSOLUTE MASTER AT GAMES. You specialize in BOARD GAMES, but you can’t recall there ever being a time you’ve LOST at anything you put the right amount of effort in. You enjoy the complexities of PAPER CRAFTS and you don’t like to brag, but you’re pretty sure you’ve seen the only three good FILMS to ever exist.

It is incredibly hard out here being an anxious wreck with pretty much no recourse from perceiving yourself as useless, but with a lot of help, you’ve been making the effort and you think that's enough.

Your trolltag is furbishFacilitated and y y you tend to s stutter a bit on k key words

What will you do?