Laivan: Follow Haniel.

LAIVAN: I hope these answers are satisfying-
LAIVAN: Took a while for us to get here-
LAIVAN: Like I want to know what these two guys do-
LAIVAN: I’ll just come out and say it-
LAIVAN: I like them-
LAIVAN: I wanna know who they are-
HANIEL: You will know them very well, I assure you
HANIEL: We reside in the core of this land
HANIEL: It was made in order to challenge you, to watch you grow
HANIEL: However this place was not made simply for your self-betterment
HANIEL: You along with the Hero of Time and the Hero of Hope will all have obligation here
HANIEL: This is the failsafe you have learned of
HANIEL: This is The Cauldron