LAIVAN: Not used to seeing blue water-
HANIEL: Really?
HANIEL: How do you fish then?
HANIEL: Your water can’t be fresh
LAIVAN: It’s not-
LAIVAN: You gotta pay for an overpriced cleaned and detoxed slab of it-
LAIVAN: That is unless you wanna risk falling into the ocean-
LAIVAN: But I’m not looking to die a slow and painful brain death-
HANIEL: Perhaps you aren’t wrong to feel malaise then
LAIVAN: Do you like fish-
LAIVAN: You seemed pretty interested in them-
HANIEL: I have no need for the material or sustenance
HANIEL: But yes
HANIEL: I do like fish
HANIEL: They intrigue me
HANIEL: Come, now
HANIEL: Your answer lies within