LAIVAN: I dunno about you-
LAIVAN: Honestly my instinct says Murrit and I got what we needed-
LAIVAN: Sounds like a complication on your end-
HANIEL: I don’t know a Murrit either
LAIVAN: Nobody does-
HANIEL: Sometimes you can’t stand in one place to see a whole picture
LAIVAN: He’s the Time guy-
HANIEL: So he will be who you work with across your journey
LAIVAN: If you want to put it like that-
HANIEL: Do you believe that your association with him here might be fated?
LAIVAN: Weird choice of description-
LAIVAN: I don’t have any kind of interest in him if that's what you mean-
HANIEL: It isn’t
LAIVAN: Oh so you just mean normal fate-
LAIVAN: Like the concept-
HANIEL: I didn’t assume there was any other form
LAIVAN: Then nah not really-
HANIEL: You are very full of surprises
HANIEL: Not once have you said what I expected from you
HANIEL: This is very new to me
LAIVAN: I just don’t think fate exists-
LAIVAN: Like there's nothing that really controlled me to be here-
LAIVAN: I made my own choices and that led me here-
LAIVAN: Same with him-
HANIEL: Fate might easier explain a lot of what you feel
HANIEL: Does that not bring you any sort of comfort?
LAIVAN: I don’t really like the idea that I’m being controlled-
LAIVAN: That a part of me is bound to some destiny I have no say in-
LAIVAN: I’m just me-
HANIEL: That is shockingly thorough of you
LAIVAN: Thanks I tried-