HANIEL: Technically we were never truly born at all
HANIEL: We existed before this form and we will continue to exist after this form, unless this session were to be unresolved
HANIEL: She is a special case among us, however
HANIEL: As her utilization allowed us much freedom in an age where color is faded
HANIEL: Without her essence, the light around your neck would have immediately deadened and we all would have never seen the corporeal
HANIEL: Much less make it this far
HANIEL: Her name is Lilith
HANIEL: I’m not exactly her biggest fan, but I respect her
HANIEL: Her methods are unorthodox, but they work
HANIEL: So I have no reason to complain
LAIVAN: How does she know WN-
HANIEL: I’ve never known a White Noise
HANIEL: I don’t think she ever has either
LAIVAN: That doesn’t sound right-
LAIVAN: I mean he created this whole thing didn’t he-
LAIVAN: I thought that was pretty clear-
LAIVAN: Plus you kept saying “he” when I talked about him this whole time-
LAIVAN: So if you don’t know him you just put a big implication on yourself-
LAIVAN: Are you just being cagey-
HANIEL: There is an endless amount of knowledge even I can’t understand
HANIEL: Sometimes you have to rely on instinct, or simply remain complacent
HANIEL: If you were to ask me to, my instinct tells me that someone like you should know better than to take someone making such claims at face value