LAIVAN: I don’t see the point in recounting it-
HANIEL: You don’t?
HANIEL: Did you feel nothing upon my release?
HANIEL: Any sense of wonder or shock at what the puzzle meant?
HANIEL: Why do you think that is?
LAIVAN: Because I’ve learned about it already-
LAIVAN: I’m just doing what I already knew I would have to do-
LAIVAN: I knew we would start playing tonight-
LAIVAN: Speaking to WN was going to happen no matter what-
LAIVAN: Even if I didn’t know what he was going to do-
LAIVAN: I knew it would be better to go to Prospit and wait him out-
LAIVAN: Anything I didn’t know he told me-
LAIVAN: Like how this whole shebang is a failsafe so we can get it right-
LAIVAN: And you know what I know and what I don’t know-
LAIVAN: If the end of the world is going to happen-
LAIVAN: And you know about it for a pretty long time-
LAIVAN: Eventually you get tired of worrying about it-
LAIVAN: And you just go-
LAIVAN: “Yeah alright”-
LAIVAN: So I don’t really find a great need to go over it again-