LAIVAN: I already told you though-
LAIVAN: I’m Laivan Ferroo-
LAIVAN: This is my lusus-
LAIVAN: His name is Mutt and he’s good-
LAIVAN: I do taxidermy work-
LAIVAN: I sell made to order stuff online for money-
LAIVAN: Sometimes I stitch together weird corpse parts for a friend-
LAIVAN: Also for money-
LAIVAN: Because I need that to live-
LAIVAN: I really like glue-
LAIVAN: I was going to use it for a project tonight but I couldn’t find any-
LAIVAN: And it was too late anyways so I gave up-
LAIVAN: I have some old characters I don’t do anything with-
LAIVAN: I’m really bad at tying knots and that goes with the prusik incident-
LAIVAN: I play a weird quasi-political video game that only assholes and hackers like-
LAIVAN: It’s called Anthropormuncipality and it sucks-
LAIVAN: I like it I think its fun-
LAIVAN: That’s about it-
HANIEL: But it isn’t what I meant by your story
HANIEL: That is just you
HANIEL: But what has happened to you
HANIEL: What exactly have you done thus far