EO: Hahaha¡¡
EO: So now you want to try and prΣtΣnd likΣ you know anything about mΣ aftΣr all thΣ Σffort you spΣnt pushing mΣ away¿¿¿¿
EO: Sorry pal but that last monorail alrΣady lΣft thΣ station.
GS: I had more than enough reason to leave.
GS: But upon reflection, the weight of what your memo implied did strike me.
GS: And like a newly crafted grub lacking sight, ramming its head into the ground while trying to scrabble the blocks of its name together; I see what I was missing.
EO: I alrΣady triΣd to hΣlp you¡¡¡¡
EO: You lΣft¡¡ Not mΣ¡¡¡¡
EO: I havΣ no obligation to you.
GS: Do you not?
GS: I believe it’s your job to get me to our destination, actually.
GS: Given what you tried to handle in that memo of yours, it doesn’t seem like the kind of duty you have any interest in shirking.
GS: I know you better than you might think.
GS: What you want most.
GS: What you crave more than anything else in this world, is to be known and accepted without question nor compromise.
GS: And I know exactly what that feels like.