EO: YΣah¿¿¿¿¿¿ WΣll I want a lot of things.
EO: Most of which I can’t ΣvΣn bΣgin to Σxplain to you bΣcausΣ I’m prΣtty surΣ your thick skull and stiff lowΣr lip couldn’t comprΣhΣnd what it mΣans to want this kind of thing.
EO: Congratulations at bΣing so blΣssΣd¡¡
EO: But you arΣn’t blΣssΣd Σnough for mΣ to want any sΣcondhand consΣcration you can offΣr.
EO: If anything I’m anti-gaining from thΣ prospΣct of giving you anything.
GS: Do you want an apology?
GS: Does that rank anywhere on your long list of desires?
EO: No.
EO: BΣcausΣ I know you don’t mΣan anything by it.
GS: And just what makes you so sure?
GS: This isn’t the past, it’s the present.
EO: It’s bΣΣn an hour and a half at bΣst.
GS: My point still stands.
GS: Talking this over is in your best interest because, in return, I can offer you what you want most.
GS: I don’t need to know what tops any list to see what it is.