PD: From what I understand, you wanted to salvage the world and save everyone and everything in it.
PD: Very bold of you, it’s befitting of what you are able to see.
PD: I also want to save this world and allow it to become reborn.
PD: That’s why I’m going through all of this for you.
DQ: *what*do*you*get*out*of*it*in*that*case*
DQ: *this*world*is*ending*
DQ: *we*were*already*told*about*it*well*in*advance*
DQ: *should*you*not*know*the*same*?
PD: I’m aware of what I should believe.
PD: What made you think otherwise?
DQ: *i*had*no*choice*
DQ: *i*watched*it*happen*in*front*of*me*
DQ: *i*watched*it*get*ripped*and*beaten*with*my*own*eyes*
PD: Then perhaps you don’t realize what you see yet.
PD: Because if you did, you would know that you were right the first time and not fall for such a clear ploy from an incompetent mediator to keep your head in the game.
PD: Speaking of.
PD: It’s showtime.