Albion: Respond to Serpaz.

DQ: *serpaz*are*you*here*now*
DQ: *can*you*see*me*
DQ: *can*you*get*me*out*of*here*
PD: Well, that all purely depends on you.
PD: Will you behave for me?
DQ: *you*arent*serpaz*
DQ: *serpaz*never*talks*so*eloquently*
DQ: *or*uses*capital*letters*
DQ: *or*such*a*bad*font*quirk*
PD: Ouch, you know this is indicative of my culture as much as her quirk is.
PD: Very perceptive, though.
PD: I expected nothing less from you.
DQ: *what*did*you*do*to*her*
PD: The same thing I’m going to do to you, of course.
PD: Make things just a little bit easier on all of us.
PD: I see the others have already made a stellar first impression.
PD: Don’t worry, they aren’t allowed to hurt you.
DQ: *then*what*are*they*here*for*
PD: Didn’t I just say?
PD: To help. :)
DQ: *is*that*really*all*youre*after*
DQ: *because*there*are*much*better*ways*to*do*it*
DQ: *how*do*you*even*know*us*
PD: I have my connections and a very talented teacher.
PD: A better question might be how I wouldn’t know you by now.
PD: I’ve been waiting to meet you all of my life.
DQ: *if*youre*implying*that*our*souls*resonate*
DQ: *then*i*will*not*hesitate*to*teach*you*otherwise*
PD: Pardon me, bad phrasing on my part.
PD: That wasn’t an advance, just a bit of excitement for everything coming together as planned.
PD: I’m no longer available regardless, you have nothing to fear.
DQ: *what*you*say*and*what*i*experience*are*two*separate*things*
PD: Really? I’ve been under the assumption that we both feel the same way.