Sova: Answer Serpaz.

-- pliableDecadence [PD] began trolling sanguineAllegory [SA] --

PD: sova!!!!!
PD: im here and i am on a mission
PD: by every bone in my body i am coming here to talk to you and by the power of those bones you are going to like it!!!
PD: forget the game forget the others and forget the reading
PD: its me and you now!!!!!! (|>:o
PD: it will be a hell of a memory based hootnanny
PD: we will reminisce together and you will tell me how you are doing right now!!!!
PD: also did you get my pun??
PD: i hope so it was pretty alright on such short notice
SA: (i did not, i’m sorry u^u)
PD: its like the sound your lusus makes
PD: hoot hoo!
SA: (oh!)
SA: (actually i would classify it more in the realm of say, something more akin a ‘hockaa’)
SA: (but it only gets easier to identify when you have been around one for so long and it likes you a little more)
SA: (you put in the effort though!)
PD: a whole two seconds worth! definitely my best in a while!!!
PD: hey!!!!! (|:D
SA: (hello! ovo)