Sova: Check Skorpe.

You turn your BIBLIOPHONIC back on. It’s a great little tool that you use to get your hands on more recent releases, but you feel like there are way too many shops to look into. It’s all a little overwhelming, and you wish that it could be a little more simple and easy.

Your SKORPE THEME is ‘SHOWGOERS SCOOPS’ and you feel it adequately represents an experience you aren’t sure will survive this new age of mediocrity in media. You also have a couple MEMOS lying around in the memo tab that you’ve been keeping around in case you need to look back at all of the information regarding this GAME that you’re being put into.

Some Skorpe themes just let you see memos on your friends lists, but of course that isn’t a common feature. Because Skorpe is bad and you don’t like using it. But it's where everyone else is, and as such you need to be there.

Speaking of, it was Serpaz that messaged you! You kind of wanted it to be someone else if you’re being idealistic about it, but this is just fine too! You would never complain about talking to her.