Jack: Introduce "helper".

You should have known better than to fall for that ploy, this lady couldn’t help the broad side of a barn out of a wet paper bag. That analogy isn’t pretty, but neither are you right this second. You think she knocked a couple of fillings tight and she is laughing at you really loudly because of this.

The EXONERATED EXECUTOR is basically your zookeeper. Or at least she would be if she wasn’t a caged monkey with an innate need to fling her shit around herself. She used to be more like you, but her crimes were less white collar and more no collar from what you know.

She paid her debt to society, and now the QUEEN looks to her as the only one who can keep you in check. In a roundabout sense, you sort of respect her for consistently sticking it to you without fear.

Which you really need to stop doing.