State name and exposit past.

Your proper name is JACK NOIR. Formerly known under the title of the SCATHING SHARPER. But as of what seems like eternity, your name has been MUD and your title is better known as THE TRASH MAN under the forced eternal punishment and service to the QUEEN OF DERSE for an UNENDING LIST OF CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.

You once led an infamous group of grifters known as the DEAD SHUFFLERS. Your shills the DEFRAUDING DEALER, HUSTLE BONES and the CHARMED DEFALCATOR are all cooped up scot free under some self-insured witness protection as you were nabbed like live bait for a fish you already caught. Toppling an empire and losing a PRETTY LUCRATIVE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY in the process.

You taught HIM the long con well. He flimflammed with the best of them, but you will never forgive him for what he did to you. All bets are off and you are just a hit away from a jackpot sized return in the payment of losing your goddamn mind.

You made up the term jackpot by the way, it is your greatest achievement.