Serpaz: Enter no hands land.

Hello, again. :)
oh my goooooooooooooood nooooooo
no no no no no no no no no no no

I haven’t said anything yet?
No what?
to whatever it is youre trying to sell me to!!
religious coping mechanisms more accordions new records
i dont want it!!!!!
i was hoping i could say no enough times that any question you wanted to pitch would be nullified
did it work????

Hm, well.
That is a very hard question to pose so suddenly, I must admit.
I think the most proper way to put my feelings on it would be...
No. :)

You do realize you are still on our mailing list, correct?
Do you remember me?

yeah yeah edolon the great and powerful yadda yadda i remember you showing me around because you make me do so with every single chit chat you thrust upon my busted lap
i really dont want what you supply!!! stop forwarding this crap to me!!!!!!

I’m just telling you why this is happening.
You accepted our little gift and in exchange, we give you news along with what I would like to be your support.

support??? oh you wanna talk about support???
i know about what you people do

We make people happy. :)
Our group count is as high as it has ever been.

you brainwash them you creepy hack!!!
do you think i dont do research on this stuff?????
i weirded out with the best of them and i dont know what happened to him or to you or to i guess hulk hogan
but this whole deal you guys have is ludicrous!!!
you tricked people into supporting you through unfair means because you took advantage of something you shouldnt have even known about

Come on, now.
Don’t you feel as if you are being just the tiniest bit unreasonable?
We all have to make sacrifices for a greater good in our society.
I’ve lost many brave souls close to me, loves that I cherished lost themselves to aid his dream and he helped them as he helped me.
There is no reason for us to feel agony such as that, is there?
Let me ask you something.
This question will only be six words long.

Are you happy with your life?
what kind of insensitive question even is that?!?!
im fine goddammit
i would be doing much better if you tossed out whatever little list you have me on and never contact me again ever!!! thanks!!!

Well, I suppose it was worth a shot.
If you want to dare to be stupid in your little faithless amish paradise, I can’t stop you.
However, I know that his words have touched your heart once before.
It’s hard to lose touch with your past so easily, you must still feel some fondness.
Even your words reflect his beliefs, as do mine and all others like us.
The withdrawals we face aren’t as primitive as we all wish they were, but nobody notices them until they are too late.
And there is a great fear within me that you will not enjoy the choice you made.
But I will respect your wishes as you will inevitably come to respect mine.
I won’t be contacting you again directly as you request, but keep your eyes peeled, we are very close to having our statement officially ready.
Have a good night, Miss Helilo. :)