Serpaz: Check Skorpe.

They went all out just like last time, these guys really enjoy showing off and you kind of can’t stand it.

Normally you would be seeing your SKORPE THEME on the screen of your JERRYTOP, which is ‘PILKINGTONS PLUNDERS’. But they took over the entire thing with their own window, complete with their banana clown cult mascot on the lower right.

This client is way too easy to bust into, if you had the chance you bet even someone like you could do the same thing to them in retaliation, but they got to you first. They have the upper hand whereas you have none in this situation, unlike in most others where as stated previously you at least have your right one. Even with Lefty here for assistance, you may as well just give up and amputate yourself now if this conversation goes anything like the previous few. The leader of their little cult of personality does not take no for an answer.

You prepare for the worst, as you enter no hands land.