Serpaz: Admire comedy master shrine.

You approach the masters with a bit more of a solemn glint in your eye than you do most days, due to the nature of recent events.

It isn’t the fault of any of these guys except for ONE and that sucks. Like, Jerry Seinfeld essentially kickstarted your aspiration of joke spewing in the first place! You have a whole model in your head based around him and his schtick.

Jerry has on more than one occasion brought you back on your feet with his hornless charm. He was reduplicated without them, poor guy. But he finds a way to spin it into a joke every time! If there would be an ideal man of jokes for you, it would be him for sure. If he can stutter and say really bad jokes about nothing and everyone still thinks he's great, why can't you?

The problem is with... him; WEIRD AL.

Yeah, he’s weird now alright. Weirder than ever before, maybe even more AL than ever before. Both are equally as terrifying to you.

You only enjoy his earlier work now and have basically lost any respect you could ever have for the man once his whole ORDEAL started, his newer work is much too grisly for your tastes.  His latest album was nothing but him forcing unwilling and uproariously laughing torture devotees from his ACCORDION PACKING POLKA PARTY MURDER CIRCUS to scream and squeal on each new song, and unsettling is a little too tame a word to describe the lyrics. You couldn’t even make most of them out but when you could, you instantly knew fear.

To think you almost joined the ranks of the ALPOCALYPSE makes you wince hard. You heard he’s building some sort of army with HULK HOGAN or something? You’re not sure about that last part. The news is very selective in what it tells you, it just likes to make everything sound okay when it isn’t.

You might just have to warn the others soon, it’s only going to get worse, you can tell.