DISMAS: Wh/\t’s th/\t noise?///
DISMAS: There is /\lw/\ys so much noise with you but this is seriously m/\jor sensory overkill///

FF: a a augh god my e ears
FF: h how d does this get w w worse

BOOBDRONE: >([s##]
BOOBDRONE: >([gotta know #ow t#e c#ase scene ends]
BOOBDRONE: >([stop ruinin my fav part once in a w#ile jeezems]

DISMAS: W/\it///
DISMAS: I know those sounds, th/\t's ME///
DISMAS: /\re you W/\TCHING th/\t in\//\sive exploit/\tion?!///
DISMAS: RIGHT now?!///

FF: o oh come o on
BOOBDRONE: >([t#is wuz always the plan??]
BOOBDRONE: >([more nonlisteners not even listening sm# my #]
BOOBDRONE: >([t#ere was a lil snatc# a time rite bfoe game time]
BOOBDRONE: >([game time after game time aneways]
BOOBDRONE: >([used it to mas#up some investment materials]

FF: c can you translate
DISMAS: I /\lre/\dy tried /\nd f/\iled miser/\bly multiple times///
DISMAS: It’s your turn///

FF: o o okay
FF: w what are you s saying

BOOBDRONE: >([words]
BOOBDRONE: >([like any normal troll would]
BOOBDRONE: >([but naw k im over and outta it]