DISMAS: Hey, wh/\t’s wrong?
FF: h him
DISMAS: Ok/\y I me/\n besides him///
DISMAS: We /\ll know he h/\s issues///

FF: then l literally e everything else
DISMAS: Th/\t’s definitely f/\ir///
FF: i it is absolutely n n not fair
FF: its s suffering
FF: w we are all s suffering and it all s s s sucks
FF: by the way a are you okay

DISMAS: Depends on wh/\t you qu/\lify /\s “ok/\y”///
FF: as in i dont c come over there a and knock some s sense into this
FF: ngh
FF: i c cant really say what im t thinking very w well
FF: b but i know you g get it

DISMAS: Cryst/\l cle/\r///
FF: this w whole thing has just got m me
FF: t thinking way too m m much
FF: h he wont even tell me whats g going on

BOOBDRONE: >([i told u tweeks]
BOOBDRONE: >([taz busted out the stupid qna mac#ine]
BOOBDRONE: >([t#ere waz a 5 answer on dumbness checkout]

DISMAS: You c/\n’t set a dumb question limit when you yourself m/\nifest wh/\t the dumb pro\/ides///
BOOBDRONE: >([i stretched and armstronged t#at bih clear as the JO crystal you look into]
DISMAS: Did you?///
DISMAS: I still don’t underst/\nd it///

BOOBDRONE: >([see its t#is kinda mock t#at makes me give out info less and lesser]
FF: c can both of you s s save the s semantics thanks
FF: i i cant even try to understand this i g gave up
FF: its just t too much on m me
FF: i dont e even
FF: i c cant even m make my own p premade dinners without a p p panic attack
FF: h how am i even going to d do this
FF: how are y you going to do this
FF: m murrit said you were dead
FF: and you a arent now sure
FF: but you m might as well b be like this

DISMAS: No, I’ll li\/e///
DISMAS: Th/\t /\tt/\ck, /\s men/\cing /\s it w/\s didn’t h/\\/e the intent to kill///
DISMAS: It w/\s o\/er the top concentr/\ted m/\imery, nothing more///
DISMAS: I’m /\lre/\dy st/\rting to he/\l///
DISMAS: My body is mostly immobile but///
DISMAS: Re/\lly it’s my /\rm th/\t needs /\ttention///

BOOBDRONE: >([ummmm aks#ually]
BOOBDRONE: >([tb real # ur arm is probably least on our trio itinerary]
BOOBDRONE: >([bcuz i #ave]
BOOBDRONE: >([more]

DISMAS: More?///
FF: e excuse me
BOOBDRONE: >([lemme explain]
BOOBDRONE: >([but one bit t#o]