EXEMPLAR: our souls seemed to work in tandem.
EXEMPLAR: he was my eyes as i moved forward.
EXEMPLAR: eventually this led me to another, similar to myself.
EXEMPLAR: her name was zekura...
EXEMPLAR: we worked together.
EXEMPLAR: both of us had the same goal in mind.
EXEMPLAR: she knew far longer than me though.
EXEMPLAR: legends say she has been around as long as trollkind itself.
EXEMPLAR: i would believe it.
EXEMPLAR: but only when i listened to my heart instead of my mind.
EXEMPLAR: we forged every expanse of this planet and turned fate to our whim.
EXEMPLAR: all for you.
EXEMPLAR: we marked the walls and worked with my mentor to make this world yours.
EXEMPLAR: we were bonded in stars and in diamonds.
EXEMPLAR: and we were to stick together until the end, when you would take our place.
EXEMPLAR: i would give up my position as the pure oneself.
EXEMPLAR: and she would bind me to her blood.
EXEMPLAR: to this world.
EXEMPLAR: but that didn’t happen.
EXEMPLAR: the night in which she was going to give me the curse, a man ended his life.
EXEMPLAR: she told me that she felt something, saw something i didn’t...
EXEMPLAR: and she ran.
EXEMPLAR: when i found her, she inscribed the seal to allow her blood passage into his arm and passed it on to him instead.
EXEMPLAR: i was furious.
EXEMPLAR: she tried to help me and tell me it was okay, that it was needed.
EXEMPLAR: but i didn’t believe her, i still don’t.
EXEMPLAR: i lost all the control i had.
EXEMPLAR: and by the time i began to recover, they were gone.
EXEMPLAR: i was soon found by another... one who i found a red attachment in.
EXEMPLAR: we both had our scars... he was proud of his though.
EXEMPLAR: our sources said they had both fled the scene with their own aid, and we were determined to find them.
EXEMPLAR: but by the time we decided on doing it.
EXEMPLAR: war struck.
EXEMPLAR: he told me to leave.
EXEMPLAR: he was killed in battle.
EXEMPLAR: it was noble, protecting the land he loved...
EXEMPLAR: but it was in vain.
EXEMPLAR: after that the world went dark.
EXEMPLAR: and i was left alone.
EXEMPLAR: i was lied to the same as you.