EXEMPLAR: i was greeted by an unending array of dissonance and clamor the likes of which i have never heard before.
EXEMPLAR: it filled my sound chasms and crossed my sight.
EXEMPLAR: it felt like a dream.
EXEMPLAR: he came to me then.
EXEMPLAR: and as he spoke it all seemed to become clear.
ALBION: *who*
EXEMPLAR: i still can’t say exactly.
EXEMPLAR: he was purely bone.
EXEMPLAR: and insistent that he has no name to be called by.
EXEMPLAR: he knew mine well though.
EXEMPLAR: there was something about his voice that drew me towards him.
EXEMPLAR: the way he turned phrase, as if he knew everything there ever was to know about this world and the people within it.
EXEMPLAR: how he seemed to know every move i would make.
EXEMPLAR: everything that i would ever want to hear, good or bad, he would tell me.
EXEMPLAR: talking endlessly to me about you, about your friends.
EXEMPLAR: who you are and what you were going to do in the future he sees.
EXEMPLAR: he asked me if i would like to help lock the future of you and your friends into place for the salvation of our people.
EXEMPLAR: i could not refuse.
EXEMPLAR: the man gave me a piece of his soul, and this seemed to pain him greatly.
EXEMPLAR: i don’t think he could tell i knew.
EXEMPLAR: i was told the heat from this piece of eternal flame would allow me to view the same future he sees, a future in which life flourishes.
EXEMPLAR: it was beautiful...
EXEMPLAR: and it would guide me to where i was meant to go next.
EXEMPLAR: but i still always thought about how upset he felt.
EXEMPLAR: i never knew why until it all came crashing down.