LUTZIA: -> ugh, we ℥till don't know if the infected lu℥ii are ℥afe to eat, either
LUTZIA: -> ha℥ your lu℥u℥ ℥potted any ℥mall carrier℥? thinking about little infected bug℥ crawling around unnoticed give℥ me the creep℥!!
MARGOL: N[o]thing [o]f the s[o]rt, thankfully.
GERBAT: Γ I think the plague only targets larger creatures J
GERBAT: Γ needs some space on their bodies for the plants and tumors J
LUTZIA: -> well, if there'℥ any featherbea℥t℥ big enough to get infected nearby, it'℥ only a matter of time before our unique ca℥e ℥top℥ being unique
GERBAT: Γ ...have we updated any of the other villages on the situation? J
MARGOL: When we were l[o|o]king f[o]r Kim, yes. Haven't heard much fr[o]m the n[o]rthwest guys, but the head [o]f the chapel even [o]ffered their supplies if it c[o]mes t[o] it. He's very sweet.