herbOrb said: Γ here's the general gist of what we know or speculate so far:

- I'm suspecting gradual behavioral changes in the infected, but those seem to be wildly inconsistent among the subjects. I was only able to pinpoint two major types of extremes: manic (anger, fear, obsession, physical sensitivity, restless roaming, etc) and depresive (confusion, apathy, hopelessness, physical paralysis, etc), with one subject switching between the two at times. This has to be a part of the plague's function, benificial in some way, but the theories I have need more observation

- most physical symptoms are also very inconsistent. Some of our notes were unfortunately lost, but off the top of my head I can name fever, headaches, difficulty breathing, throat inflammattion, abdominal pain and muscle/joint pain as a few of the starter symptoms

- the most noticable physical symptom is the plant growths on the body. Can appear both internally as green, vine-esque veins, and externally as various leaves, flowers, mushrooms and lichen. At first we were able to identify common species found in in the area, but the more time passes, the more they seem to evolve into something unique

- the growths are noted to slowly move and warp all over the body, favoring diffirent places on diffrent subjects (looking for the weakest spot?). I think that explains the inconsistency of the physical symptoms, as it targets variable and multiple organs, but how exactly the growths shift and feed off the body confuses me in ways I can't begin to explain

- since the plants are harmless on their own, we assume being around the infected is safe, but don't have a way to fully confirm it yet

- it's definitly not safe to be around dead infected bodies. During the illness' terminal stage, the plant growths fester and develop into tumors filled with spores, which are then released post-mortem and transmit the disease. My guess is that both the host's body and mind are gradually weakened untill the spores can form. That said, if the death is too sudden, the tumors might not have enough time to grow

- the buried bodies seem to become rich soil for the plants growing out of them. Like I said before, they're morphing into some sort of strange invasive species. Will try to gather more info later. Haven't tried cremation yet, generally unsure about best practise regarding the dead

- the nature of the spores is... unknown, to say the least. Still looking for the root cause of it all

I will provide further details in this thread, as much as I can. If you're also facing something like this or just want to speculate based on the data, please don't hesitate to message me. Thank you J