Wait... What exactly is this scene?

MURRIT: >([it looked like she was doing some kind of ritual.]
MURRIT: >([ellsee.]
MURRIT: >([you sound upset to hear it.]
METATRON: well it’s just that... other than the fact that killing another player would essentially make your session all for naught.
METATRON: she has a very important purpose within this game.
METATRON: we need her, objectively more than anybody else.
MURRIT: >([that wasn’t made clear to me.]
METATRON: i don’t think many things explicitly were.
MURRIT: >([i think maybe we wouldn’t have these problems if they were.]
METATRON: well, i agree communication is key. but...
MURRIT: >([but, i also truly think it is within your most pertinent interests that you reconsider that angle.]
METATRON: i’m sorry, i’m not at liberty to disclose those specifics with you.
MURRIT: >([it might also be in your best interests to not tell me something i so desperately do not care to hear.]
METATRON: regardless of this, please continue.
METATRON: what was the ritual for.