EO: Back in thΣ mΣmo, whΣn Murrit stΣppΣd in, you wΣnt out of your way to dΣfΣnd mΣ.
EO: LikΣ...
EO: I don’t know¿¿¿¿
EO: I guΣss I just rΣally nΣvΣr ΣxpΣctΣd you to do that for mΣ.
EO: GrantΣd, I don’t ΣxpΣct most pΣoplΣ to do that for mΣ, but ΣspΣcially not you.
EO: And I don’t mΣan that in just likΣ a jabby “I still don’t fully trust you” kind of way.
EO: I’m just gΣnuinΣly surprisΣd you would havΣ ΣvΣn considΣrΣd it much lΣss actually dΣcidΣ to do it.
EO: It fΣΣls likΣ whiplash.