METATRON: just toss the weapon and a few select resources of your choice in there.
METATRON: use what you have on hand and see the various results, before choosing an upgrade.
METATRON: at such a low level you should only be able to go up one grade from the standard starting point of all general items. which is always grade F.
METATRON: stats and grades stick with your level at the time of creation as well.
METATRON: so a grade C weapon you craft at say, level 20 is better than a grade S weapon you can make at level 10.
METATRON: with weapons especially, this sets it on a solidified path of progression.
METATRON: but you can also always make more, grade F is easy to replicate and very low on resources.

ARCJEC: XDXD I... guess... this one...? XDXD