Jentha: Examine residual sopor bags.

A few leftover bags your MOIRAIL bought for you, still fresh and factory packed.

Without him, you wouldn’t have pretty much anything. After you stopped being supported by the planet you were only able to make it by on the scraps you had left and resigned yourself to the fact that you weren’t going to make it.

But THEY found you and HE said that you had to be protected, so you two started as friends by force. It wasn’t really fun at first, especially since you frankly AREN’T INVESTED in the whole quadrants and bonding thing. Not in an apathetic way either, it just freaks you out. But you two found solace in each other, and you just couldn’t give that up. So it stuck, and you’re happy that you have one person who really understands you.

You really don’t know what you would do without him.