LILITH: But that isn’t fair, is it?
LILITH: You continually ask us to keep secrets on your behalf while you have no reason to hide
LILITH: Do you still feel guilty about everything we’ve done to their planet in the name of success?
LILITH: Is it because even though you’ve seen this happen so many times you still can’t accurately predict a favorable outcome?
LILITH: Granted neither of us could have stopped certain catastrophes from arising once it began
LILITH: Corporate uprisings, soulmates, tainted black seas, detestable spawns which not even I could love
LILITH: All of this because you decided we had to play it safe and introduce something unnatural that will accept mother’s essence
Everything we did was for the right reasons.
Sometimes people get hurt in the process.
But without their aid and sacrifice we would not be able to move forward.
LILITH: I think that's what you want to believe
LILITH: You wish to state your ideals that bluntly
LILITH: But you hide behind words and past experience
LILITH: Putting on new faces to mask your own insecurities