GS: You said that book you found was gifted to you by someone close, correct?
GS: It’s a radical assumption in this day and age, but I can’t seem to think of anyone more close than a blood relative.
GS: Was it your ancestor?
EO: YΣah.
GS: Then let me ask you this.
GS: Does this knowledge burden you?
EO: I don’t know if burdΣn is rΣally thΣ word I would usΣ.
EO: It hΣlpΣd mΣ a lot growing up, ΣspΣcially all of thΣ stuff about spΣlls and what shΣ thought thΣ futurΣ would bΣ likΣ whΣn I grΣw up.
EO: RΣally I just thought it was a bunch of fun storiΣs for most of my lifΣ.
EO: But oncΣ I lΣarnΣd that it all mΣant somΣthing I’ll admit it got a lot hardΣr for mΣ to takΣ it all in.
EO: I kΣΣp trying to rΣrΣad it and it still doΣsn’t all connΣct.
EO: But I know I havΣ to figurΣ it out.
GS: I have an immense knowledge of my own ancestor.
GS: “Burden” is most definitely the word I would use to describe my affiliation with him.
GS: The only knowledge he bestowed upon me is the knowledge that he believed our culture was rotten from the inside, and as such he wanted to control it.
GS: He demanded respect, and would kill, whether he got it or not.
GS: He’s the reason that I strive to undo the malaise our planet rests on, and find a way to create a better world.
GS: A world without a neutral interference that claims it works “for good”.
GS: A world run by trolls who have learned through suffrage and toiled through endless grief to craft something more than themselves.
GS: Built on the idea that there is a way forward and that anyone can earn an honest keep.
GS: This game takes away that chance for Repiton, sadly.
GS: But with our knowledge combined, through the benefits that our burdens bare to us it can finally allow the acceptance we strive towards.
GS: We can take what remains of our world and mold it into something better.
GS: Entrust me and me alone with your information from now on, and I will utilize it.
GS: Don’t you miss it?
GS: The days when we all connected and were unified as an unsectioned clique?
GS: We can bring it back, this game can be used as a conduit for us to finally be better.
GS: I will use it only to make us stronger, to make us whole.