DREAM!LAIVAN: There are other versions of me and you out there in this big space that surrounds us
DREAM!LAIVAN: They are going there in order to fulfill a duty that will be extremely taxing on both the mind and the body
DREAM!LAIVAN: We give them a break from that
DREAM!LAIVAN: We’re us and they are them
DREAM!LAIVAN: But we are also them and they are us but in a different way

DREAM!ALBION: not quite sure i follow.
DREAM!ARCJEC: I don’t think there’s really a correct way to do so.
DREAM!LAIVAN: Okay good example good example whats a good example
DREAM!LAIVAN: Alright think about a mirror
DREAM!LAIVAN: You know how when you look into a mirror sometimes you check yourself out and you are just thinking
DREAM!LAIVAN: “Wow I wish I was somehow better than I am”

DREAM!ALBION: actually no because i just woke up but continue.
DREAM!LAIVAN: Well we’re the something better on the other side for them
DREAM!LAIVAN: Projections of what they want to be, sort of like an idealized modified extension of who they truly are

DREAM!ARCJEC: He says because of this that we are basically moon freeloaders with the gift of being able to do whatever we want.
DREAM!ARCJEC: We can’t die because the bozos flapping around like us are still alive and that any attempt to do so will be swiftly countered just by magic!
DREAM!ARCJEC: No consequences and no masters, just fun! Which sounds incredibly fake.
DREAM!ARCJEC: I’m sure my “true self” would agree on this.

DREAM!LAIVAN: You are probably some odd exception to the rule because of course you are
DREAM!LAIVAN: Maybe when your guy comes in you can find out what's wrong with you

DREAM!ARCJEC: You say that as if the answer has not been spit shined clear as the eye burning yellow soup we currently inhabit.
DREAM!ALBION: but you only know this because of the other you right?
DREAM!ALBION: the one that is actually in the hypothetical mirror?

DREAM!LAIVAN: He knows a lot about how this place works and why it works because he was able to get here a lot earlier
DREAM!LAIVAN: So I’ve been up and around a lot longer than you two and I’ve been able to learn a lot more
DREAM!LAIVAN: Took a long while to fully get everything but I feel pretty lucky that I’m the one getting all of the insider information

DREAM!ALBION: where is your real self then?
DREAM!ALBION: maybe we can ask him to give us the whole scoop.

DREAM!LAIVAN: Well it’s a bit more complex than that
DREAM!LAIVAN: We can only communicate when the true self goes to sleep
DREAM!LAIVAN: Even then it isn’t really so much communication so much as it is you kinda become a passenger in your own consciousness and blend in with them
DREAM!LAIVAN: We exist so they can learn things
DREAM!LAIVAN: We learn things too, just not all at once
DREAM!LAIVAN: Kind of like a weird shared osmosis
DREAM!LAIVAN: Like my true self has some sort of lung problem that he thinks holds him back
DREAM!LAIVAN: And he’s honestly got some mad secret self-esteem issues
DREAM!LAIVAN: Really just kind of scared of being himself because he thinks he’s too average
DREAM!LAIVAN: I don’t get it, I like him
DREAM!LAIVAN: But it took me a long time to learn even that basic stuff
DREAM!LAIVAN: It’s always vague until you put the pieces together in this weird cross connected puzzle
DREAM!LAIVAN: It sets up a path and gives you some idea of the follow through
DREAM!LAIVAN: My follow through is giving you guys information and making sure things are okay
DREAM!LAIVAN: Yours will probably be something really different depending on them