DREAM!ALBION: not real?
DREAM!ALBION: that doesn’t feel world rocking that just sounds off-putting.
DREAM!ALBION: i feel very real right now.
DREAM!ALBION: i’m really here with you guys!
DREAM!ALBION: i really feel myself hovering over golden towers!
DREAM!ALBION: i really feel happy that i’m awake!
DREAM!ALBION: what does that mean if this whole thing isn’t real?

DREAM!LAIVAN: You’re kind of taking it the overly logical way
DREAM!LAIVAN: I like to see it in the nice way

DREAM!ALBION: is there a nice way to not exist?
DREAM!LAIVAN: I think you’re too focused on the not existing part
DREAM!LAIVAN: It’s kind of an oversimplification on my end

DREAM!ARCJEC: It’s kind of annoying to hear you talk about this again on my end.
DREAM!LAIVAN: Do YOU want to talk or do you not
DREAM!LAIVAN: You have to pick one dude

DREAM!ARCJEC: Well if I’m not real I don’t need to be bound by the living ideals of choice now do I?
DREAM!ARCJEC: Do you hear that? It’s me listening to your philosophy burn to an agonizingly tender crisp in my fireplace of garbage ideology.
DREAM!ARCJEC: Checkmate, gods.

DREAM!LAIVAN: What I'm saying is that it’s more that we’re an extension of realness
DREAM!ALBION: whose realness?