Dream!Laivan: Greet.

DREAM!LAIVAN: Well hey there
DREAM!LAIVAN: I have to be honest I didn’t at all expect you to be up this early

DREAM!ALBION: i think you need to learn to expect the unexpected a little more than you do
DREAM!LAIVAN: I’ve been working on it
DREAM!ALBION: working hard or hardly working?
DREAM!LAIVAN: I’m going to say both

DREAM!ALBION: hello laivan.
DREAM!ALBION: hello to you too arcjec!

DREAM!LAIVAN: You are supposed to say something nice back to the lady man
DREAM!LAIVAN: This guy constantly gets up on the wrong side of the everything
DREAM!LAIVAN: Not sure how he was able to get up before you
DREAM!LAIVAN: He is always way too preoccupied with busting his own chops and slipping comedically on his tears to notice small things like the two fresh adult trolls in front of him having a conversation
DREAM!LAIVAN: So I came out here to take one for the team and teach him some proper etiquette
DREAM!LAIVAN: Pretty sure I’m the only one who can

DREAM!ARCJEC: Oh! So you want to talk etiquette huh??
DREAM!ARCJEC: How about I start us off with an appetizer of gourmet pre-packaged five layer shit dip that tastes like what your biased interpretation of the word means.
DREAM!ARCJEC: Sprawling me out on a makeshift paper mat is not mutually exclusive to any variation of decorum.

DREAM!LAIVAN: If you saw how you slept you would know that’s wrong
DREAM!ARCJEC: How did you expect me to read all of those for the purpose of catching me up to speed? There was SWEEPS worth of material and a majority of the ones you made me look at just talked about how good you were at buying the papers!
DREAM!LAIVAN: Well like I said it wasn’t really my choice
DREAM!ARCJEC: And like I said; I don’t really believe your shortmouthed attempt to cover up your borderline fetishistic affinity for newsprint.
DREAM!ARCJEC: I found your canine back end hanging out of my window, unconscious. Pretty compromising position for someone who claims to know so much to be in.

DREAM!ALBION: yeah, what exactly do you mean by not your choice?
DREAM!ALBION: that sounds like exactly the kind of choice you would make.
DREAM!ALBION: you don’t really have the gall to pull a fast one on anybody, laivan.
DREAM!ALBION: sorry to say.

DREAM!LAIVAN: Well I would tell you
DREAM!LAIVAN: But Arcjec didn’t say hi back to you so
DREAM!LAIVAN: You are going to have to suffer for his crimes

DREAM!ALBION: arcjec you are ruining this for me.
DREAM!ALBION: i think you might need a lesson in etiquette and a lesson in hospitality.
DREAM!ALBION: would you like me to teach you?
DREAM!ALBION: it would only cost you a greeting and you would gain my eternal gratitude.

DREAM!ARCJEC: Would you like me to teach you how to nab pus from all of the digestion pool ulcers your rotted sweet talk is providing me?
DREAM!ALBION: depends on what i would gain from such an offer.
DREAM!ARCJEC: My eternal gratitude.