SERPAZ: methinks your definition of the word help is a little bit askew!!
SERPAZ: i would give you negative twelve stars if you were able to be rated as my helper!!!
SERPAZ: nobody in their right mind would get you to help them again!
SERPAZ: you would be bankrupted from the helper business!!
SERPAZ: and what do you mean “mutually beneficial”?
EDOLON: exactly what it means is what i mean.
EDOLON: what else would i mean?
SERPAZ: youre not benefiting me in any way!!!
SERPAZ: youre giving me the raw deal!!!!
SERPAZ: i dont even know what im giving you either!!!
SERPAZ: this exchange has no set parameters!!!
SERPAZ: and also you suck!
EDOLON: okay, then allow me to lay down the line very clearly for you.
EDOLON: you have something that i want.
EDOLON: and i am giving you and your group of special friends something they need.
SERPAZ: a tacky set of robes and a prolonged sense of inadequacy???
EDOLON: that was almost funny, keep it up.
SERPAZ: (|>:o
EDOLON: but no, assimilating you all isn’t our goal.
EDOLON: you have places to be, don’t you?
SERPAZ: how do you know??
EDOLON: because it has been etched into this world from the very start.
EDOLON: most choose not to rationalize it, but some trolls are more meaningful than others.
EDOLON: you have been chosen, there isn’t anything i would do to change that.
EDOLON: because through your actions and his influence, we will become a reborn society.
EDOLON: free from the aforementioned pain this life brings, celebrating through laughter and pleasure until the bittersweet end.
EDOLON: but to do that, we need your cooperation.
SERPAZ: wellllllllllllllllllllllllllll tough shit edoloser
SERPAZ: you may not realize it but i continue to be nowhere near the realm of giving a solitary care about anything you say or do
EDOLON: i figured you and the others may think that.
EDOLON: it took a while to get everything under control, but luckily it makes it to where i don’t do much of the talking.
EDOLON: seems your lot needs a decent bit less chatter to get things done, that must be why not a single one of you have entered without some sort of issue cropping up.
EDOLON: but now we have something to make the transition from here to there even faster.