EDOLON: you know.
EDOLON: there’s a lot to be said about the idea of pain.
EDOLON: these nails for instance.
EDOLON: believe it or not, they did hurt.
EDOLON: and even when i move forward and try to pick the nail out, all it does is continue to produce more pain.
EDOLON: the suffering doesn’t stop once you unroot a single cause.
EDOLON: because who can say that the pain won’t come again?
EDOLON: you said i have seven more nails to go if i refuse to leave.
EDOLON: each one i get will be equally as painful as the three that came before it, if not more so with the wounds afflicted.
EDOLON: the new pain molds into the previous pain, until it all collects into a hulking mass of unimaginable and intensive agony.
EDOLON: but most are never able to make it down to that rock bottom.
EDOLON: not in physical nor emotional.
EDOLON: because after a while...
EDOLON: the very idea of pain when dealt in excess, no matter what causes it.
EDOLON: ends up becoming simply...