GD: Well if we /\re on the topic of not /\greeing with things///
GD: I continue to not /\gree with you not telling me wh/\t h/\ppened to you e/\rlier///
GD: I let you get /\w/\y with it so much but wh/\t you told me does not m/\ke this one of those times///
DQ: *cant*i*simply*just*yearn*for*a*past*sense*of*nostalgia*?
GD: Some other time, st/\r child///
DQ: *i*dont*think*id*really*like*to*be*called*that*anymore*
GD: Oh so its ok/\y for you to do it but isnt ok/\y for me?///
DQ: *no*in*this*case*its*much*different*
DQ: *but*i*dont*think*you*will*be*able*to*understand*
DQ: *i*dont*really*think*anyone*could*
GD: I’d like to try///
GD: /\fter wh/\t h/\ppened /\ few minutes /\go?///
GD: The l/\st thing I w/\nt is for something to go uns/\id///