Enter name.

Your name is SOVARA AMALIE. But you much prefer to be called SOVA, as it is something your friends have taken a stronger liking towards.

Unlike those friends your time within the social world of Repiton has been relatively brief comparatively. Despite the fact that you attended SCHOOL like the rest of them, having your knowledge spout pumped full of all of the skills necessary to function, the outside world did not take you in for long. Leading you to spend a majority of your life CAGED in a manner you don’t like to talk about.

Because of these factors you’ve been left a little SOCIALLY HINDERED. Your MATESPRIT has spent a lot of time teaching you the ropes but you aren’t able to grasp at a lot of the “lingo” your clique tosses around “on the reg”. You desperately make the attempt regardless though. You’ve spent a majority of your free time READING throughout your life as an aid to try and see what you’ve missed, giving you a profound knowledge of PLANETARY HISTORY and making you a bit of a buff in the process. You also like to give POETRY a try when you can but it tends to wax a little too far on the complex side for your tastes. You were never good at riddles and figures of speech.

You have a vested interest in MUSICAL THEATRE as you feel it is an artform that understands you, if that makes sense. It sort of wraps you into a security blanket and makes you feel secure to the point where it almost makes you forget why you REALLY like it. You’ve also done a little bit of PLAYWRITING with roles that you’ve designated to yourself and your friends, but you doubt any of them would enjoy what you’ve made.

You AREN’T READY TO SING again yet anyways, so it will just have to wait.

Your trolltag is sanguineAllegory and you (speak in a manner that is a little too soft and sweet).

What will you do?