Enter name.

Your name is SERPAZ HELILO.

You are an AMATEUR ARCHITECT with a strong interest in WOODWORKING and CARPENTRY. Your hive is riddled with your tools of the trade and the projects you make. You have a HIGH FAILURE RATE of completing these projects however, as you have SO MANY IDEAS. ALL THE TIME. CONSTANTLY. Your ambition reaches past the limits of what is feasible more often than not, but creativity has no ceiling in your mind.

While on the job, you have a nasty habit of ACCIDENTALLY HURTING YOURSELF over and over again without fail. It’s kind of your thing. But more often than not it makes your life so much BETTER than worse. Unlike most you are a person who believes that MISTAKES can in fact turn into MIRACLES. Your matesprit doesn’t believe that as much, but you know he’s wrong, there is always something hidden in there to make everything work in the end.

You are also an ASPIRING COMEDIAN who respects the OLD MASTERS OF COMEDY, those who spearheaded the charge in making late night laughs a thing of beauty amongst the world's turmoil. You made yourself a little practice stage to work on your routine but really, you aren’t too interested in being GOOD at it. You won’t make it into any big league chucklebunker anytime soon because you are only super great at PUNS and DUMB PERSONAL ANECDOTES. But you keep trying, even if you have to make the same jokes over and over and over again. Because even if the top isn’t your goal, the middle is still the better choice than the bottom.

When you were younger you used to really enjoy trying to learn the secrets of THE ACCORDION, which you didn’t even think was real until you got your hands on one through some RATHER ODD MEANS. Because of that, you really are a little too afraid to touch it. Even though your awesome and noble lusus that you have lovingly dubbed as LEFTY gets a real kick out of the tune you think. She is great and you never want to leave her.

Your trolltag is pliableDecadence and you speak with a pretty funny inflection in your voice!!!

What will you do?