DISMAS: Well I’m gl/\d you got to m/\ke your fun little exploit/\tion number///
BOOBDRONE: >([t#anks]
DISMAS: But I’m now offici/\lly out of commission///
DISMAS: I c/\n just b/\rely mo\/e///

BOOBDROBE: >([w#at na#]
BOOBDRONE: >([w#atc#a got was like fuckin]
BOOBDRONE: >([penny lick scrapes comparatively]

DISMAS: Like fuckin’ wh/\t now?///
BOOBDRONE: >([penny lick]
BOOBDRONE: >([slang for small potatoes]

DISMAS: Small WH/\t??///
BOOBDRONE: >([potatoes]
DISMAS: I know wh/\t pot/\toes /\re!///
DISMAS: Why do you just keep s/\ying radic/\lly dumb shit more /\nd more e/\ch time we spe/\k recently?///
DISMAS: It gets worse with e\/ery p/\ssing night!///
DISMAS: These /\ren’t sm/\ll penny lick pot/\toes either!///
DISMAS: /\lso h/\\/e you noticed that my /\rm is fucking BROKEN?///
DISMAS: Do you not RE/\LIZE th/\t?///

BOOBDRONE: >([i gets it man i gots it]
DISMAS: You don’t though///
BOOBDRONE: >([you can self first aid t#at right up t#o right]
DISMAS: I c/\n’t he/\l BONES dipshit!///
BOOBDRONE: >([o# well]
BOOBDRONE: >([wasn’t my fault]

DISMAS: Yes it w/\s///
DISMAS: In e\/ery possible w/\y it could be your f/\ult it is your f/\ult///

BOOBDRONE: >([you are sayin its my fault]

DISMAS: This is entirely your f/\ult///
BOOBDRONE: >([you want me to apologize]
DISMAS: Wh/\t?///
BOOBDRONE: >([you #eard me]
DISMAS: I don’t expect th/\t much from you /\t this point///

BOOBDRONE: >([proud of ya for comin ta t#at realization on ur own terms at least]
DISMAS: ... Th/\nks///