ALBION: *revise*my*purpose*?
ALBION: *i*had*a*purpose*until*you*took*it*away*from*me*
ALBION: *and*now*i*have*nothing*!
ALBION: *now*trolls*will*suffer*more*than*ever*before*!!
EXEMPLAR: you act as if all of this is my fault.
EXEMPLAR: you are fighting for the wrong people.
ALBION: *then*who*are*the*right*people*?
ALBION: *who*else*would*have*done*this*?
ALBION: *do*you*expect*me*to*believe*you*?
ALBION: *all*you*have*done*is*flashed*unclear*memories*to*me*
ALBION: *falsified*ideals*to*make*me*complacent*
EXEMPLAR: all of what i showed you is important.
EXEMPLAR: i have seen them all personally, your involvement in them is critical.
ALBION: *and*i*am*to*share*importance*in*your*life*as*well*?
EXEMPLAR: in a sense, at least metaphorically.
EXEMPLAR: that is what i knew when i learned of my ancestors.
EXEMPLAR: i simply just want you to understand what is at risk.
ALBION: *i*simply*want*you*to*understand*this*
ALBION: *that*is*NONE*of*your*business*
ALBION: *and*i*want*you*OUT*OF*MY*MIND*
EXEMPLAR: you still believe this is your mind?
EXEMPLAR: none of this was ever yours to begin with.
EXEMPLAR: it was never meant to be mine either.
EXEMPLAR: there is no control you have over these concepts.
EXEMPLAR: this is simply just a set piece in the game you play.
EXEMPLAR: it is not a safe haven, it is a prison.
EXEMPLAR: we are only visitors.
EXEMPLAR: you need to accept that.
ALBION: *how*would*you*know*?
EXEMPLAR: because i used to be just like you.