Calder: Fetch laptop.

You open up your ROLODEX MODUS. This is primarily used by pretty much anyone on the higher end of corporate business because of how easy it is to manage their belongings, nobody at the top leaves their hive without it. You've had yours since you were young, and as such have learned all the pro strategies to get what you need as quick as possible.

The modus ALPHABETIZES anything captchalogued within it through precise description, and all you have to do is simply flip to the card in the order you desire to retrieve the needed items.

You need your CLUBS. Which you have in a BAG. So the modus recognizes it as a BAG OF CLUBS. You quickly scan for the 'B' set of cards.

You need your TABLE which you need to use for your LAPTOP. Yes, you use a table so you can stand while using your laptop. You aren't going to sit on the ground and get disgusting. You think about that to yourself as you fly by to your PORTABLE LAPTOP TABLE under the 'P' set of cards. As well as taking your PREFERENTIAL GOLF BALL a card under while you're there.

Lastly you need your LAPTOP. So you quickly file your way back up to the 'L' set of cards and it lands neatly on the table as planned.

God, you're good.