Calder: Take a moment to admire your work in publication.

To the left of the room you find the latest and likely final run of SIDELINE.

You began this as a way to have the public commend the TWELVE STAR MEN of this world.

Twelve is a perfect number where you are from, after all.

But the true reason you began this magazine was to start a conversation. A conversation about how this planet is a wasteland of failure and misery, and that these people need a real TWELVE STAR MAN such as yourself to reset the political landscape and mold it into a proper system of checks and balances and all of that other stuff.

You don’t have the time or energy to manage the printing yourself anymore though. In fact you barely do much of anything personally on it at this point, because you have people for that. People who know what you’re looking for and see your vision through.

The one constant though is the AMOUNT OF SCANTILY CLAD WOMEN used in each issue. Nudity is not something your species finds inherently arousing, but it certainly does give each issue that spark to get readers coming in on shock value alone.