Calder: Reveal the original owner of your dwelling.

The man himself.

Your hive was once the original residence of the now forever infamous CAESAR CONSCELERATUS PERSOLUS.

A completely silver and gold crafted, airlocked manor beneath the darkest pit of what is now known as The Black Depths. It’s a shame that gold is a WORTHLESS METAL now, thanks to him. It has no value other than to look fancy and pretty, which you will admit it still does rather well.

Normally those few remaining of your kind get a little more leeway in the crafting and selection within the slim pickings of hives your planet has, but you decided that this needed to be your estate on a matter of principle.

Most if not all trolls do not have the luxury of knowing who their ancestor was, much less live in the very squatting they inhabited.

But if you had the choice, you would ensure that luxury was never given to you in the first place.