Your life is secured as not only a SEA DWELLER, but because you hold the highest SHADE of violet blood remaining on the hemospectrum, MAGENTA. A gift given to you by your ANCESTOR, a gift which leaves you as a societal pariah by association due to his unbridled jealousy. These actions led to the genocide of 99.9 percent of your subspecies, including the decimation of the ENTIRE FUCHSIA BLOOD CASTE, and led to the fall of government as a whole, leaving the current world as a CORPORATE MODERATED ANARCHY.

Morality and word of mouth are the broken legs Repiton makes the attempt to stand on, but in your humble opinion, the planet is already dead.

Your goal is to undo the mess he made and become a POWERFUL LEADER yourself, sending society into a new age with instated law and legislation. You make strides towards this goal by using your endangerment as leverage to publish SLANDEROUS PERIODICALS speaking on topical issues while harshly criticizing those who disagree with what you put out into the public. Even from his shadow, you are regarded as overly SELF-IMPORTANT. But that exact attitude has given you a LEGION of admirers amongst the scoffing crowd, ones that agree with your ideals and see the facts for what they truly are.

You take the time to participate in a number of HIGH CLASS SPORTING EVENTS, and you think your swing is about as big as your drive. You have never had the itch to go into any competitive field though as physical sport has fallen out of favor with the general public in exchange for the virtual. A luxury you also partake in as needed, but a luxury you also feel overstays its welcome in this day and age.

You also have the occasional urge to make EXQUISITE CUISINE, specifically to try and find a reasonable meal that can pair well with your overly expansive collection of WINE. You haven’t found one yet, and to be frank you really can’t COOK WELL AT ALL. But there has to be something that works well with that horrid drink. It’s always a matter of when with you, not if.

Your trolltag is grandioseSaturation and You renounce the use of a quirk as much as you denounce nautical lingo.

You don’t need to question what you are going to do, you already know.